This is the simplest, but effective tinder that you can easily made.

It can burn in wet condition and ignite without problem with only a small spark.

A - Oenological vaseline; B - Cotton; C - Waterproof containers

A – Oenological vaseline; B – Cotton; C – Waterproof containers;

Find a small waterproof container (you can use varius kind of containers)  and go to the nearest store, and buy cotton and vaseline oil, i prefer oenological type because I use also to clean and protect my knives.

Take the cotton and fill the container, after gently puor the vaseline oil on cotton.

Your tinder is confectioned when the cotton is irrigated.

Vaseline oil on cotton

Vaseline oil on cotton

Now, take a small part of this cotton, and strike on the firesteel, and you have an istant flame.

Sparks on cotton tinder

Sparks on cotton tinder

Istant flame!

Istant flame!

You could also use small part of this vaseline cotton to clean the blade of your knife, and after that operation reuse this as tinder.




Simple DIY tinder: cotton & vaseline oil

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