Rediscovering ancient technology and materials, a recommended reading

Bushcraft Evolution

I have to admit, i’m a Tuscan fan or Raymond Mears. I’ve read a lot of his books, seen his many videos (thanks youtubers!!) and BBC documententaries. I agree with his thought on the nature and wilderness living, he also frequently focuses on the importance of ethnlogical and historical skills of all mankind.  So with this great input i started to discover and have fun following the great world of Bushcraft during my hikes.

In a short time i have become a bushcraft enthusiast and began to read other authors, obviously the great Kochansky, but also i’ve rediscovered some books that i’ve read during university…
Just few days ago when i was ordering my bookcase i’ve founded a copy of this book:

Henry Hodges
Artifact, an introduction to early materials and technology 

 John Backer (Publishers)

This book (mine printed in 1968) is intended mainly for students of archaelogy but in my opinion, could be an useful source of inspiration for those who love craftmanship and particularly for bushcrafters.
Page by page you’ll learn many useful information about various arguments: Fibres, Wood, Adhesives, Pottery, Metallurgy and many, many others materials.
You’ll find analysis of their composition and technical manifacture descriptions, for example how were made natural resin glues, texiles fibres, basketry etc..
Don’t you expect to find tutorials, this is an academic book, there aren’t also many picture in this publication, but this isn’t a problem, the book provide everything you need to learn, so go out and test what you want in the woods!

Link on Google Books:

This is a reprint on

Let me know your opinion or
if could suggest me other interesting readings!


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