An easy way to make a stainless steel wire bottle hanger

I think that every outdoor enthusiast should have a stainless steel (or titanium, light and durable but expensive) bottle in his backpack, first because it is a virtually  indestructible and hygienic water resource and second, because the bottle itself could be used on the fire to boil water.
I have a Nalgene Backpacker stainless steel 32 oz, it has a wide mouth that is excellent for a fast filling or a simple cleaning but, is a bottle and a bottle…
usually doesn’t have any handle to use it with a hobo stove or to hang it over the fire.
I have found some commercial inexpensive solutions, but I looked for something lighter, attached (but removable) to the neck of the bottle.
So in response to my requests…I have decided to do it …myself. 🙂
This bottle hanger, that i’ve made, it’s very easy to make and…requires only few things!
If you want to make yours, follow the instructions below.

This is what you need :

  • A stainless steel brake wire (you can find it in bike store, don’t buy professional wire! they aren’t cheap!);
  • Two choc-blocks (electrical connectors) in different sizes.



  • A mini screwdriver;
  • A wire cutter;
  • A metal saw;
  • A metal file;
  • A sheet of sandpaper.

First, take three element from your choc-blocks (two from the bigger and one from the smaller), if you look closely, you can see that inside there is a brass insert with two screws, this will be the joint for your stainless steel wire.
To pull out this insert, you must remove the plastic insulated cover.
The only way to do this, is to break the plastic with a cutter or a knife, please be careful when you are doing this to avoid fingers injuries!

Take one of your brake wires. You only need a part of one.
I haven’t write any measure for the wire, because I suggest you to find the best length for your needs and for the diameters of the mouth of your bottle.
Cut a piece of wire, and at one end of your wire, make a small loop using the brass insert from the choc-block.
Use the small screws to hold firmly the wire.

Now insert a second brass block from the opposite end.
Create a circle with your wire and pass the opposite end inside the loop and through the brass block.
Make another loop like the image below and hold the end of the wire with a third brass block and screws (I have used for this purpose a smaller choc-block because this is for only one wire).

Cut the heads of all screws and grind them.
You have an adjustable bottle hanger!!
As you can see in the image, the second brass block is without screws, this will be like a ‘running knots’ to adapt the wire to the mouth of the bottle.
With the first loop that you have made you can also move up or down the hanger as you want.

Note that this type of hanger could be used (in a different length) with a metal cup or can to cook over a fire.

The metal wire and choc-blocks can be used to make also:

  • an alternative wire handleMCQ Bushcraft – Very interesting Youtube channel for other ideas and bushcraft skills;
  • or a lighter handle for a zebra billy pot – RavenloreI recommend this web site, there are many great bushcraft projects!

Happy adventures! Enjoy the woods!

Ciao, Bye, Tschüß, またね!


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