How to make a matchbox from two used shotgun shells


Three of two times, during a walk, I’ve found near a path and in other places,
something strange…Groups of colored things….Red, green, yellow…nice colors!
But this was not a color palette! 
This was the soil, I was in a woods and these colored plastic things were shotgun shells!
I thinks that perhaps someone, doesn’t know or follow the ‘Leave no Trace’ ethics…
so when I found ‘human traces’ I put them in a trash bag!
But, sometime these objects aren’t simple garbage…
They can be transformed in cool and useful things.
This applies to used shotgun shells, with two of these, you can make a matchbox!
First clean (inside and outside) two USED (!!!) shotgun shells.
Then, take a lighter and one  shotgun shell, heat the brass end with the flame of your lighter, for a short time.
With this simple action you could unfix it from the plastic.

This will be the cap of a small box!
Take the second shotgun shell and with a sharp knife cut away the portion of deformed or damaged plastic.
Now you have a the main body of your small container!

Fill it with matches and a piece of sandpaper with a good grit.

Enjoy, all is done! This is not a waterproof box, but it can protect your matches from moisture.
Have a nice adventure!

Ciao, Bye, Tschüß, またね!

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