Field cooking with the Trangia campset: how to make a frittata and tasting a cowboy coffee!

Hello everyone, there is another quick video for you!
I’m thinking to make a series of outdoor cooking videos using a cool bushcrafty set that I received from Trangia.

In this video I show you a super easy recipe: The Frittata!
You can add other ingrediens to it and I really suggest you to taste it with foraged hebs!

I enjoy also a cowboy coffee with the billy pot included in this set.

See you soon my friends!


4 thoughts on “Field cooking with the Trangia campset: how to make a frittata and tasting a cowboy coffee!

  1. Hi Mattia! Outdoor cooking is definitely a topic I’m interested in: especially outdoor coffee brewing. Don’t you also have a kit for brewing espresso outdoors?

    Also, I looked up the link to the Parco Nazionale dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano that you gave me. It seems like a very interesting area! I like the fact that it includes both Mediterranean and Alpine habitats, and that people there are so connected to the land.

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    • Ahhh thanks my friend!
      Yes I have it!
      Recently I like also other kind of coffee!
      It’s like to live in another lands for me !
      Here the plants and animals come from these two different environments!
      The cool thing that you can directly observe hiking here, is that the forest changes its face with the elevation.

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      • Ah good, the moka pot (cafetera) is quickly becoming my favorite device for making coffee.

        I would love to go hiking in an environment like that! It would be incredible to see how the forest changes as one climbs up or down the mountains.

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      • It’s a quick way to make coffee!

        Yes, some trees slowly change aspect and left their place for others more strong for the altitude habitat.
        It’s also curious to see that in some valleys there are micro environments determined by unique characteristics of the area!

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