Mora Classic No.1 Knife | Review | Mods | Survival Trick

Hello My friends!

I’ve uploaded a new video on my Channel, this time I want to share with you a short review of this popular knife, a new mod and a ….fire trick :).
If you remember time ago I wrote this post: How to take your Mora Classic N.1 to the next bushcraft level,  well, I’ve made a new sheath inspired to the native americans neck sheaths, I hope you’ll like it!

Thanks for watching!


6 thoughts on “Mora Classic No.1 Knife | Review | Mods | Survival Trick

  1. The woods look gorgeous during the springtime! I loved hearing the birds singing. That’s looks like a very useful knife as well, although it doesn’t look very good for chopping. It’d definitely work best to pair it with an axe, as you mentioned.

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    • Oh yes my friend !
      A brother of Instagram suggested me to use the mic.
      I had a Tascam DR5 that bought time ago but never used with the camera because it needs a double work in post production… Now I admit that it’s a different experience !
      This voice recorder is used also by birdwatchers because it can record also little noises!
      Yes I like that knife but I never carry it as a single tool.
      I like Moras but I’m not a Mora addict, I like also more strong survival blades 😀!
      Thanks for your kind comments!

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  2. Thanks for this blog. That is my backpacking knife I take with my lightweight setup. It was also my first Mora that I purchased probably five years ago now. Great knife.Thanks again for sharing this.

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