Another simple DIY project: Make your own steel striker from an used file

The C-shaped steel striker repro and DIY steel striker kit

The C-shaped steel striker repro and DIY steel striker kit

This is really the fastest way to make a steel striker, without using a forge, i must say that you’ll not obtain a beatiful object, like the C-shaped steel striker, or tibetan or the other models…

But.. a really functional tool to light a fire, made by your hands, with few minutes of your free time! Continue reading

How to start a fire using flint and..your knife!

Yeah it’s possible.. but first.. your knife must have a carbon steel blade!

The main reason is that carbon steel it is soft and produces large sparks easily compared to a stainless steel blade.

This can be a real survival tips to light a fire in a emergency situation.

When you use this method of fire starting there is also something are “walking to a past time” because flint and steel striker was a common method to light a fire from Iron Age to Modern Era, before the invention of matches.

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Simple DIY tinder: cotton & vaseline oil

This is the simplest, but effective tinder that you can easily made.

It can burn in wet condition and ignite without problem with only a small spark.

A - Oenological vaseline; B - Cotton; C - Waterproof containers

A – Oenological vaseline; B – Cotton; C – Waterproof containers;

Find a small waterproof container (you can use varius kind of containers)  and go to the nearest store, and buy cotton and vaseline oil, i prefer oenological type because I use also to clean and protect my knives.

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