Hike into the past: Rocca di Cerbaia | Cerbaia Fortress

Recently you have watched there some bushcraft and wildlife, but my first love is archaeology and the past …

I have to share with you this experience where nature and history live together!

It’s a video where I deliberately don’t speak, I want that you explore with me these beautiful ruins.

Everything started many many years ago when this fortress was built…

During the Middle age was really important for the Counts Alberti to control the Bisenzio valley.

They built this fortress at the top of a lonely hill.

The site has a complete view to the whole area!

There is a legend related to this fortress…

During a cold night, the young Dante Alighieri, the author of the poem Divine Comedy, came to the door of this fortress asking for a place to stay…

They didn’t offered it!

I hope you enjoy this place as I did my friend !

Here is the video for you!

Thanks for watching!