Prometheus, the fire and the bushcrafter


There are many stories in the greek mythology about gods, heroes and monsters, but there’s one, that deserves to be remembered:
the tale of the Titan Prometheus.
This benefactor of mankind stole fire from the gods and gave it to men to help their poor lives.
This ‘careless action’ angered Zeus, who condemned him to an eternal punishment and the men, with the pandora’s jar, to all the evils…
but that’s another story…
The fire, in this myth, is a supernatural thing that helped the humanity to pave the way for progress and civilization.  Continue reading

Another simple DIY project: Make your own steel striker from an used file

The C-shaped steel striker repro and DIY steel striker kit

The C-shaped steel striker repro and DIY steel striker kit

This is really the fastest way to make a steel striker, without using a forge, i must say that you’ll not obtain a beatiful object, like the C-shaped steel striker, or tibetan or the other models…

But.. a really functional tool to light a fire, made by your hands, with few minutes of your free time! Continue reading

How to start a fire using flint and..your knife!

Yeah it’s possible.. but first.. your knife must have a carbon steel blade!

The main reason is that carbon steel it is soft and produces large sparks easily compared to a stainless steel blade.

This can be a real survival tips to light a fire in a emergency situation.

When you use this method of fire starting there is also something are “walking to a past time” because flint and steel striker was a common method to light a fire from Iron Age to Modern Era, before the invention of matches.

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