5C’s of survivability – Basic survival items ideas

I took the idea of the five c’s of survival from the book “Bushcraft 101”, A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival, written by Dave Canterbury.
I really like the smart approach, we need to simplify or kit, to make more comfortable our life in the woods.
Every item in our backpack should at least have more than one use.
I hope you’ll like my short clip, enjoy it my friends!


The Fibega UL Half Pyramid Tent

Hello my friends, I’m back on my blog to share with you a new short video review.
I received this tent from BEGADI.
It’s very light and easy to put up on the field.
I think it will be definitely an interesting item for our wild adventures.

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Mora Classic No.1 Knife | Review | Mods | Survival Trick

Hello My friends!

I’ve uploaded a new video on my Channel, this time I want to share with you a short review of this popular knife, a new mod and a ….fire trick :).
If you remember time ago I wrote this post: How to take your Mora Classic N.1 to the next bushcraft level,  well, I’ve made a new sheath inspired to the native americans neck sheaths, I hope you’ll like it!

Thanks for watching!


Assembling your bushcraft survival kit


General considerations

What is a wilderness survival kit?  It’s a package of tools to help you live and survive in the wilderness, this is the simplest answer, but nowadays there are more and more tools to build a kit…
what are really useful and functional?
The main factor to consider when you assemble a kit, it’s the geographic location, a particular environment require appropriate solutions and specific tools, but there are some basic items that you will include, that will perform well many of the tasks needed.
If you don’t know where to begin for your own kit, look at various Army Survival Kit or follow these survival needs below and my example, so you will have a survival kit.


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Wild Tuscany Bushcraft Hobo stove

This is my new bushy cooking set, quick to assemble and not so large to fit inside my backpack.

Hobo stove kit

Hobo stove kit

After searches on the web, i’ve find this very interesting and functional made by Gary Waidson (http://www.ravenlore.co.uk/) and decide to replace my old cutlery drainer hobo stove. I find this kit very useful basically because it’s bombproof and follow a modular approach, obviously it’s no lightweight but it’s stainless! I don’t like aluminium, it’s less reliable and strong, especially when you use fire.

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Simple DIY tinder: cotton & vaseline oil

This is the simplest, but effective tinder that you can easily made.

It can burn in wet condition and ignite without problem with only a small spark.

A - Oenological vaseline; B - Cotton; C - Waterproof containers

A – Oenological vaseline; B – Cotton; C – Waterproof containers;

Find a small waterproof container (you can use varius kind of containers)  and go to the nearest store, and buy cotton and vaseline oil, i prefer oenological type because I use also to clean and protect my knives.

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