Fire Making

Fire is one of the most important skills for bushcraft.
With the fire we can cook a meal, heat, light up the night, prepare the equipment for the next day.
Around the glowing embers were told stories and passed on the knowledge of all mankind.
I’ll try to experiment but also to illustrate various techniques for lighting the fire by using natural or artificial tinder.



2 thoughts on “Fire Making

  1. You may already know this, but thought I’d share it anyway. The woods have been wet out my way lately and starting a fire has been pretty difficult.

    I’ve took dryer lint, put it in a sandwich bag and a handful of vasolene jelly. Mixed the 2 together and you can add a dash of lamp oil or tiki torch oil in there for quick lighting.

    This has helped start a fire with damp wood no problem with proper fire lay. I was pretty impressed. You share a good deal of knowledge so I thought I’d share what I’ve learned with you.

    God bless and keep sharing!

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    • Many thanks John for sharing your useful post!!!
      This is a section – incomplete 😓 – where I want to share all techniques to light a fire in all conditions.
      I’m planning to add here links and video found around the net to make a ‘web-bibliography’ for all my friends and new visitors! I’ll add also your suggestion!


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