To tie… or not to tie… a knot?

Bushcraft Humour

This is the question!
I think that living in the woods needs comprehensive overview of the nature around you, knowing your limits its also important, to avoid risks.
But there are some skills that can make life much easier, like tying knots.
Using Ropes, paracord, natural fibres or pine roots, you can solve lots of outdoor tasks: rigging a tarp, assembling a wooden structure, attach a line to a fishing hook, securing ropes in an emergency situation…  Continue reading

Rediscovering ancient technology and materials, a recommended reading

Bushcraft Evolution

I have to admit, i’m a Tuscan fan or Raymond Mears. I’ve read a lot of his books, seen his many videos (thanks youtubers!!) and BBC documententaries. I agree with his thought on the nature and wilderness living, he also frequently focuses on the importance of ethnlogical and historical skills of all mankind.  So with this great input i started to discover and have fun following the great world of Bushcraft during my hikes.
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