4 thoughts on “Wild Tuscany Bushcraft – Youtube Channel

    • Wow! Thanks a lot my friend for the kind words !!! I appreciate them!
      That alcohol burner is the Trangia, the smaller version, I have also two big Swedish army alcohol burners.
      I love them, yes, the alcohol is inexpensive and works very well !
      That cooking system It’s also good for stealth camping 😊

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      • My pleasure! I also enjoyed the glimpse into the Tuscany woods, as they looked remarkably similar to the woodlands I grew up in.

        The small version of the alcohol burner looks fine for me, because it’s the perfect size for brewing a pot of coffee. You never know when the need for coffee will strike!

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      • Cool! I love that area because there are many deers and other animals.
        With other few hours of walks along the path there are other beautiful wild areas but often I have not so much time so I stop there.
        I would like to share other hikes in other environments from other mountains around my city.
        Eheh yes !
        Coffee is a must, I think it tastes better in the forest 😊.
        Through Instagram I knew so many Swedish and Norwegian brothers … They showed me their way to brew coffee in the wild!

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